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The Aplec Internacional in Ostrava, the Czech Republic, is officially announced

10/02/2017 - 13:00

This morning, the Aplec Internacional — a showcase of Catalan traditional culture, now in its 30th year — was officially announced. It will be hosted this year in Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The Aplec Internacional is organised by Adifolk and the Generalitat (Regional Government) of Catalonia's Directorate General of Popular Culture, Associationism and Cultural Action. The Fira Mediterrània organisation was involved in promoting networking among people from its international members' network and the organisers with the aim of finding a suitable location for the event. As a result, Adifolk reached an agreement with the Czech Republic Colours of Ostrava festival, and the international showcase of Catalan popular culture will take place at the beginning of July 2017, just before the Czech event is held, as part of a street arts exhibition.

The Aplec Internacional aims to contribute to the international exposure of Catalan popular and traditional culture. More than 20 folkloric groups, some 500 performers and over 1,000 accompanying people will comprise the Catalan team. To mark the event's 30th anniversary, new giants belonging to the organisation, representative of popular culture, will make their début appearance.