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The Fira Mediterrània of Manresa is organised by a Foundation, which consists of a team of professionals who works throughout the year so that this market of shows is a success for both professionals and spectators.

The Fira began in 1998 as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Catalan Government and the Town Hall of Manresa, with the support of Caixa Manresa and in collaboration with various entities in Manresa. Until the 8th year, the organisation of the Fira was in the hands of the Centre for the Promotion of Popular and Traditional Catalan Culture, part of the Catalan Government.

Each year the Artistic Direction, with the participation of the Artistic Commission, formed by a group of professionals established in each of the disciplines represented in the Fira, configures the programme from the artistic proposals presented.

Fira Mediterrània also enjoys the support of an extensive network of collaborators, and the recently created Club Mecenes.

President: Santi Vila
Vice presidents: Valentí Junyent, Lluís Puig and Anna Crespo
Members: Ma Àngels Blasco, Sílvia Saura, Joaquim Torrent, Manuel Forcano and Joan Calmet

Lluís Puig
Vice president: Anna Crespo
Members: Joan Calmet, Cristina Sanchis and Antònia Andúgar
Management: Lídia Hinojo

Jeroni Muñoz

Ticket office:
Manresana d’Equipaments Escènics S.L.
City services: Serafí Vallecillos
Hospitality division: Jordi Soler / Viatges Martí

Technical production division
Technical management:
Lali Pujol / Vesc SL info@vesc.cat
Assistant management: Quim Pla, Imma Bové and Arnau Marimon / Vesc SL
Site management: Manresana d’Equipaments Escènics S.L.
Business Area design: Joan Escalé, Lluís Piqué / A Nou Serveis d’arquitectura immobiliaris, SL.
FiraPasseig: Mònica Grau

Administrative Division
Anna Quintana info@firamediterrania.cat | administracio@firamediterrania.cat
Accounting and consulting services: Pere Babià / Gestoria Babià
Occupational consulting: Roser Aguilera / Tràmit Pinos
IT and web design: IWS Serveis

Communication Division
Sònia Parra sparra@firamediterrania.cat | comunicacio@firamediterrania.cat
Texts Fira Mediterrània de Manresa, Casa de la Música de Manresa, Grup Enderrock, D’Arrel
Press: Núria Olivé and Marc Gall / Comedia nolive@comedianet.com
Image: Agostino Iacurci
Design: Lluís Bertrans
Tools 2.0: Carles Jódar / GediMedia
Translation: Genevieve Shaw

Industry Professionals Division
Anna Vilanova programadors@firamediterrania.cat | expositors@firamediterrania.cat | serveijornades@firamediterrania.cat
International outreach: Jordi Urpí internationalprog@firamediterrania.cat
Business Area: Eulàlia Subirana

Artistic Division
Sandra Martínez artistes@firamediterrania.cat
Artistic Consulting: Cesc Casadesús, Marc Olivé, Maite Serrat, Joaquim Armengol, Jordi Urpí and Quim Rutllant

Artistic management: David Ibáñez direccioartistica@firamediterrania.cat  
Management: Lídia Hinojo lhinojo@firamediterrania.cat