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What is it?

What is Fira Mediterrània?

FiraMediterrània Manresa is a performing arts fair rooted in Mediterranean tradition. It has two main areas of focus: popular culture (based on a dialogue between traditional, regional culture and creative innovation) and world music.

It has been held every year since 1998 and has become a setting for exchange professionals that sell and buy productions.

Fira is an interdisciplinary event and the programme covers all artistic languages – visual arts, circus, dance, exhibitions, music, storytelling and theatre.

The programmed shows are in different formats - small, medium or large-scale - in venues or in the street, aimed both at adult and at family audiences.

20th edition will be held from 5th to 8th October 2017.

Allongsite this, the Business Area is an outstanding point of contact and sale both in the performing arts sector (circus, family shows, street performance, etc.) and in that of world music.

Fira aims to:

  • Boosts the implementation and dissemination of national and international projects that fuse contemporary creativity with traditional and regional culture;
  • Is the nerve centre of trends and ideas in the realm of traditional culture and promotes connections with community work, participation to increase people’s involvement in culture;

  • Consolidate its reputation as a leading world music market in Spain;

  • Promote the export potential of Catalan artists and culture;
  • Act as a gateway into Spain for howcases international theatre and music projects;
  • Acts as a connection hub for professionals on an international scale.