Parallel activities

The rhizome (els Rizomes) is an underground stem that grows horizontally in relation to the surface of the soil and has the capacity to produce new shoots and roots from its nodes. Thus, from a node, an artistic project in the Fira's programme, the public will be able to discover individuals from folk culture through shoots and roots in the form of parallel activities such as exhibitions, conferences and/or symposia.

The 2022 Rizomes de la Fira were dedicated to the Obra del Cançoner Popular:

EXHIBITION 100 Anys de l’obra del Cançoner Popular de Catalunya

This exhibition charts the different stages in the history of the Obra: its creation, its discontinuation due to the war, the subsequent recovery of the materials and the current process of reappraisal. Produced by the Direcció General de Cultura Popular i Associacionisme Cultural del Departament de Cultura and curated by Jaume Ayats.

DatE: from 30 September to 29 October
Venue: Casa Luvià
Opening: 30 September at 18.30
Free entrance

SEMINAR L’Obra del cançoner popular i el Bages

Glòria Ballús will speak on the direct relationship between the Obra del Cançoner and the Bages region, due to the activities and publications of the folklorists Rossend Serra i Pagès, Joaquim Pecanins and Josep M. Gassó; the endeavours of Josep Barberà and Pere Bohigas (1923) and that of Joan Amades in Moià (1936), as well as the testimony from Marià Aguiló’s gathering visits (19th century).

Date: 30 September
Time: 18.30
Venue: Casa Lluvià
Free entrance

SEMINAR L’Obra del cançoner popular de Catalunya

A hundred years after the commencement of its endeavours, Jaume Ayats, the curator of the Year of the Obra del Cançoner Popular de Catalunya, will talk about what we know about this great project, how far it has come and how we can approach it today. We will also learn about the key aims of this commemoration.

Date: 7 October
Time: 18.30
Venue: Casa Lluvià
Free entrance


In the past, inns and taverns were special places for singing: over wine or a meal, groups of men used to sing songs for fun or to drown their sorrows with others. At the Fira, Hostal Càntut is reinterpreting this practice with a meal that brings to life the songs of oral tradition and revives communal singing, with accompaniment from musicians and conducted by members of Germà Negre.

6 October with Quedem en Paus - TICKETS HERE
7 October withCarles Belda - TICKETS SOLD OUT
8 October with Betzuca - TICKETS SOLD OUT 
9 October with Julivert - TICKETS SOLD OUT 
Venue: Restaurant Glaç Terrace
Price: 24,50€, lunch included

Hostal Càntut.jpg


The Cor Jove Amics de la Unió de Granollers is running a workshop aimed at raising participants’ awareness of the existence of the intangible musical heritage that is associated with our region. By listening to songs, they will discover the melodies that used to be sung and will be asked to compare them with the present day and pose challenges for the future.

Date: 6 and 7 October
Time: 10.00
Activity for participating schools

And in the official programme of Fira, you can also find related to the Obra del Cançoner Popular: