The Fira Mediterrània of Manresa is organised by a Foundation, which consists of a team of professionals who works throughout the year so that this market of shows is a success for both professionals and spectators.

The Fira began in 1998 as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Catalan Government and the Town Hall of Manresa, with the support of Caixa Manresa and in collaboration with various entities in Manresa. Until the 8th year, the organisation of the Fira was in the hands of the Centre for the Promotion of Popular and Traditional Catalan Culture, part of the Catalan Government.


President: Natàlia Garriga

Vice presidents: Marc Aloy, Adelaida Moya and Anna Crespo

Members: Joan Calmet, Sílvia Saura and Francesc Serra

Executive committee

President: Adelaida Moya

Vice presidents: Anna Crespo

Members: Maria Basora, Joan Calmet and Cristina Sanchis


Marc Serra

Lídia Hinojo / Gerent /
Lídia Hinojo
Executive manager
Jordi Fosas. Director artístic /
Jordi Fosas
Artistic director
Sandra Martínez / Adjunta a la direcció artística /
Sandra Martínez
Artistic director assistant
Anna Vilanova / Professionals /
Anna Vilanova
Industry professionals
Anna Quintana / Administració /
Anna Quintana
Sònia Parra / Comunicació /
Sònia Parra

Artistic advice

Aitana Cuétara, Jordi Martí, Marc Olivé, Dani Ortiz, Margarida Troguet and Francesc Viladiu.