Fira Mediterrània at FiraTàrrega


From today until Sunday, the stand of the FiraTàrrega will be at the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa, taking part in the 2019 version of this event, which is devoted to the performing arts. This year, FiraTàrrega aims to find a new way of interpreting street arts and the public space, the transversality of the performing arts, the involvement of the citizens and the commitment to social reality. As an innovation this year, the professional area has been physically and conceptually re-designed so as to position at the centre of the activity the pitchings and the speedmeetings that prioritise active contacts between creators and producers in order to ensure that artistic projects reach the market. Tomorrow, the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa will host specifically the speedmeeting sessions and a pitching of premiered shows in search of co-production and distribution in the Catalonian market. Separately, the Manresan market will also be present at a cocktail party organised by the Associació professional de teatre per a tots els públics de Catalunya (TTP) and at the meeting organised by the Plataforma Arts de Carrer (PAC) with the network of British festivals Without Walls (managed by XTRAX).