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Jordi Fosas will continue as artistic director of the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
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The artistic programme of the 26th Fira retrieves an international feeling
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This year the Fira Mediterrània will support 23 projects in the Roots Workshop
The third edition of the Roots Workshop, the Fira's support programme for creators.
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The Fira Mediterrània compensates for its emissions of CO2 by collaborating in the environmental improvement of community centres in Catalonia.
The Fira has again calculated the size of the carbon footprint left by the last edition so that it can compensate for the emissions which it was unable to minimise.
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The street and the participation of the general public: key factors in the 25th Fira Mediterrània
The official artistic programme consists of 70 offerings, and promotes marriages between contemporary creators and popular culture, with young people presenting their first efforts. It reflects on the way in which tradition penetrates creation and cultural programming.
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The Fira Mediterrània promotes 24 submissions for the 2022-2023 Roots Workshop.
This second Workshop includes proposals connected with Manresa 2022, the 25 years of the Fira, the Popular Songbook and the Plan to Promote Traditional Dance, among others.
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Fira Mediterrània offsets its CO2 emissions by collaborating with a wind energy project
Fira is working to integrate the 2030 Agenda into its event and to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, creating a space for connection between culture and sustainable development.
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A youthful perspective on roots, promoted by Fira Mediterrània, is solidified
Roots interpreted free of artistic constraints and in front of live audiences, key aspects of this year's event.
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Quince propuestas de los programas Off complementan la programación oficial de la 24ª Fira Mediterrània
Las propuestas emergentes cercanas a la raíz tendrán su espacio en el Humus Mediterrani y el Concurs Sons, y las más underground, en la Estepa Mediterránea. El mundo del asociacionismo tendrá su off de la mano de la Muestra de Grupos Amateurs de Teatro de la Cataluña Central.
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The 24th Fira Mediterrània: resumption of activity
The official artistic programme includes 65 offerings, of which 41 are premières.
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19 artistic proposals are due to participate in the Fira Mediterrània’s first Roots Workshop
This artistic support and accompaniment programme seeks to explore new ways of exploring our roots and popular culture
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The Fira Mediterrània closes its 23rd edition with an emphasis on safe and essential live culture
The Fira has addressed the challenges posed by COVID-19 with an exceptional edition combining online and in-person events, assuming an extended 6-day format.
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Schedule readjustment of shows and concerts scheduled at 11 p.m.
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The Fira Mediterrània de Manresa presents the musical and performing arts proposals for the 2020 edition
The selected artistic projects are notable for co-productions with entities and institutions, performances by emerging young talents, sustainable development and reflections on our “roots” and homeland from a modern-day perspective
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The 23rd Fira Mediterrània Manresa is (re)scheduled for 13th to 18th October
Fira will combine online and in-person formats and be extended by six days in order to adapt to the health crisis and provide every guarantee of safety to the audience and professionals.
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The 22nd edition of the Fira Mediterrània draws to a close, positioning itself as a strategic “roots” market
28 performances were premiered during the four-day event, 16 of which were world premieres
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The Fira Mediterrània is leading a euroregional project involving participation from Occitanie and the Balearic Islands
The other partners in this project are Le Silo, the cooperative creation centre dedicated to world and folk music in Occitanie, and the Palma City Hall.
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The 22nd Fira Mediterrània entails a contemplation of our roots that opens our eyes to the present
The aim is to position the Fira Mediterrània as the strategic “roots” market
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Dancer and Choreographer Sol Picó Opens 22nd Fira Mediterrània Manresa
Set to perform at the Kursaal and Conservatori for the upcoming Fira are: Obeses with Cobla Berga Jove; NewCat Ensemble; Toni Gomila and Oriol Broggi; Roberto Olivan; and Quico el Célio, el Noi i el Mut de Ferreries
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Manresa born artist Maria Picassó designs image of 22nd Fira Mediterrània
The internationally renowned artist Maria Picassó has designed a poster that reflects the cornerstones of Fira Mediterrània while also depicting a festival underneath the sea
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Jordi Fosas to be New Artistic Director of Fira Mediterrània Manresa
Jordi Fosas, until now, held the position of president of Cercle de Cultura Tradicional i Popular Marboleny and director of Festival Ésdansa de Les Preses
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Fira Mediterrània ranked third best ‘large world-music festival’ by Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC)
Fira Mediterrània ranked third best ‘large world-music festival’ by Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC)
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Fira Mediterrània brings its 21st year to a close, defined by artistic exploration and rituals
Fira Mediterrània has become an authentic laboratory for developing traditional culture through ground breaking initiatives and its hosting of five artist residencies in Manresa
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A moving Mapuche ritual and Menorcan horses are among the new additions to Fira Mediterrània’s line- up
Eighteen new additions complete the artistic programme of the 21st Fira Mediterrània Manresa
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The 21st Fira Mediterrània explores the relationship between rituals and artistic creation
The Cathedral of Manresa, La Seu, is the nerve centre of this year’s event, hosting the opening concert with the Basque musicians Kukai Dantza and Sharon Fridman, who perform Erritu (Ritual)
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