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Fira Mediterrània proves its value as an export platform by attracting more international delegates

Tickets were sold out for 15 paying show sessions 113 acts from across all arts disciplines were present at Fira, in more than 230 performances, 36 premieres and 10 joint productions with other fairs, festivals and agents. The figures confirm Fira Mediterrània’s strategic role as showcase and creative force in our country
2013/11/10 12:55:00 Europe/Madrid

Tickets were sold out for 15 paying show sessions

113 acts from across all arts disciplines were present at Fira, in more than 230 performances, 36 premieres and 10 joint productions with other fairs, festivals and agents. The figures confirm Fira Mediterrània’s strategic role as showcase and creative force in our country

The innovative design of the Llotja Professional-Business Area encourages lively exchange between sector professionals

With 1,173 registered professional delegates (almost 5% more than last year) from 637 different organisations (8.6% more) from 34 countries, the 16th Fira Mediterrània of Manresa is in excellent health and consolidates its reputation as the leading marketplace for folk culture shows in the Mediterranean region. Of these registered delegates, 139 (12% of the total) were from abroad, 905 were Catalan (77%) and 125 were from the rest of the state (11%). This year, Fira has maintained the overall figures achieved in the previous two years and is showing itself to be capable of weathering the crisis, as well as sustaining the trend – for the third consecutive year – of increasing the number of registered professional delegates from abroad, a major factor in promoting the sale and export of the shows and artists presented.  Last year’s figure of 115 international registered delegates rose this year by 17%. It’s also significant that Spanish delegates have continued to attend the event at a time when organisations are keeping a watchful eye on spending.

Fira’s strong commitment to generating synergies between agents and festivals or fairs working in the show production field has also manifested itself in the Llotja Professional-Business Area. A more creative and exciting design using recycled materials has resulted in a better setting for having meetings and doing business, bringing buyers and sellers closer together. On this theme, the formats used in the Network Meetings (brief presentations of products and services) and Speed Dating sessions (short meetings between artists and schedulers) have once again proved to be immensely popular, with up to 195 sessions booked, more than doubling last year's figure of 90. The professional conference attracted a great deal of interest, with 189 delegates registered, 18.5% more than last year’s 154 attendees. Plus, since last year’s event, Fira Mediterrània has been offering the chance to follow the conference via live streaming, with 130 users this year, a massive increase compared to the 34 users of this service in 2012.

17,419 tickets

With a total of 17,419 tickets sold for paying shows up to yesterday, Fira Mediterrània has attracted greater audience numbers compared to last year, with 3,307 more tickets sold, 17’40% more, and 69% overall occupancy, with 24 hours still left to the end of this year’s event and pending definitive figures.

Audiences have flocked to the paying shows, with 15 sessions and shows completely sold out, namely Jordi Savall (the opening show), Obrint Pas, Marc Parrot i Eva Armisén, Nats Nus, Albena Teatre, Fem Sonar les Musiquetes i Joan Alfred, Miquel Gil i Pep Gimeno “Botifarra”, the Friday concert in the Vela Estrella DAMM / Milcentenari, Muchachito y sus Compadres and Lichbende.

Delegates remain loyal to Fira

The study being carried out by Fundació Universitària del Bages on figures extracted from last year’s Fira Mediterrània show that 70% of registered delegates were not attending the event for the first time. Average frequency was 6.7 times and the most repeated number of visits was 4. This loyalty, which goes to show that delegates see Fira as interesting and useful, is combined with the event’s ability to capture new business, as every year so far, 30% of delegates have been first-time visitors.

New models for contracting shows

The trends emerging from the study currently being undertaken on last year’s contract deals are already providing interesting data for analysis. Arts companies are far more willing to share the risk involved in managing and selling their shows than they were three years ago. Back then, discussing a contract entailed little more than a fee payment and 30% of contracts were issued with formulas that required the artist's own company or their promoter to bear the cost of show tours and seasons.

Increased activity on 2.0 networks

This year, there has been far greater activity in connection with Fira Mediterrània on social networks, mainly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Fira attracted 3,000 “likes” on Facebook; it doubled the number of followers on Twitter (with more than 1 million tweets using the #FMediterrania hashtag) and Instagram figures shot up with the amazing success of the Mobileart competition (open until Fira closes).

Figures for the

16th Fira Mediterrània of Manresa

These are the main figures emerging from the 16th Fira Mediterrània of Manresa:

  • Total number of delegates: 1,173 (184 of which were journalists)
  • Catalan: 905 (77%)
  • From 10 autonomous communities: 125 (11%)
  • From abroad: 139 (12%)


  • Professional organisations: 637 (from 34 countries)
  • Tickets: 17,419
  • 15 shows were a sell-out
  • 189 delegates registered for the professional conference
  • 195 Speed Datings at the Mediterrània Professional Meeting with 100% occupancy


Other figures for the 16th FIRA MEDITERRÀNIA OF MANRESA

  • Number of hotel beds booked by Fira: 820
  • Number of meals served to artists during Fira: 1,512
  • Internal and external transfers: 267
  • Promotional agreements: 68
  • Press and media mentions of Fira: 625 (up to Saturday evening)
  • Number of CDs released with compilations of Fira music: 10,500
  • Schools in Manresa and the Bages region attending FiraEscoles: 20
  • Facebook “likes”: 3,155
  • Twitter followers: 2,003
  • Supply and actual use of the #FMediterrania hashtag: 1,292,361
  • Instagram #FMediterrania: 386
  • Videos watched on YouTube: 4,848
  • Views of L’Issuu: 63,866
  • Number of hits on the Fira web site during the last month: 20,701
  • Countries browsing the Fira web site: 72 (with France, Italy, United States, United Kingdom and Germany heading the ranking).
  • Average length of each visit: 4’15’’
  • Users following the Professional Conference via streaming: 130