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A moving Mapuche ritual and Menorcan horses are among the new additions to Fira Mediterrània’s line- up
Eighteen new additions complete the artistic programme of the 21st Fira Mediterrània Manresa
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The 21st Fira Mediterrània explores the relationship between rituals and artistic creation
The Cathedral of Manresa, La Seu, is the nerve centre of this year’s event, hosting the opening concert with the Basque musicians Kukai Dantza and Sharon Fridman, who perform Erritu (Ritual)
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The largest festival of traditional culture in Europe plans to showcase the “Llibre Vermell” after its discovery at Fira Mediterrània
Fira Mediterrània’s National and International Plan of Action has promoted the booking of Catalan groups in other countries
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Tickets for the 21st Fira Mediterrània go on sale
Eva Yerbabuena, Kepa Junkera, Les Anxovetes and Joana Gomila with Lali Ayguadé will perform in the Teatre Kursaal at the upcoming Fira Mediterrània. Arnau Tordera and Magí Canyelles, Carles Dénia, and Chano Domínguez and Paolo Fresu will give concerts at the Teatre Conservatori.
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Fira Mediterrània celebrates 20 years of history
Fira delivers four anniversary messages with four outstanding artistic projects: SABA!; A vore; Songs and dances from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat and Mar de foc
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Fira Mediterrània's promotional strategy abroad consists of 30 initiatives in Europe, Africa and the Americas
A highlight of the National and International Plan of Action is the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion's new project, 'Traditional Cultures in Dialogue'
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New practices that affect future of culture up for debate at Fira Mediterrània Business Area
A professional conference, presentations of innovative projects, network meetings, artistic showcases and speed dating comprise the 20th Fira's extensive professional line-up
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Twenty productions added to 20th Fira Mediterrània Manresa programme
The announcement of the new additions to the programme — the programme preview was presented at the start of July — marks the completion of this year's artistic programme.
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Humus Mediterrani, an alternative programme category of Fira Mediterrànea, to host open-air dancing in Plaça Europa
Now in its fifth year, the concert series continues to enrich Fira Mediterrània's programme with seven, intimate and traditional folk performances
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Amparanoia i Motivés! lead Estepa Mediterrània line-up with their own 20th anniversary projects
The line-up of the 8th Estepa Mediterrània, also known as “Off”, includes 14 performances and 4 international artists
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Tickets go on sale for all shows at the 20th Fira Mediterrània
Today, all tickets for paid shows at the 20th Fira Fira Mediterrània Manresa go on sale
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Future, Heritage, Innovation and Mediterranean Identity - 20 years of Fira Mediterrània Manresa
The 20th Fira Mediterrània Manresa will take place from 5 to 8 October. For another year running, Manresa will become a nerve centre of traditional folk culture and world music for four days.
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Project that explores musical roots of Maika Makovski, CarMenKa, wins second Teresa Rebull award
The multi-faceted singer songwriter presents a music project that explores her Macedonian, Majorcan and Andalusian origins.
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A photographic collage dominated by an eagle is the image of the twentieth Fira Mediterrània
The Estudi Miquel Puig has designed the poster for the next Fira Mediterrània
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Championing Catalan Creativity and Promoting Artists Abroad: Main Focus of the 19th Fira Mediterrània
35% increase in numbers of international professionals attending Fira’s artistic activities 66% of the programme now devoted to free shows, with Taverna Estrella Damm established as a focal point of Fira 84% of tickets sold for paid shows, and connection promoted between artists through joint creativity initiatives
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Circuit Estepa Mediterrània, now in its seventh year, features top artists, international discoveries, and new stage-performance areas
Co-produced by Fira Mediterrània and Casa de la Música Manresa, the Estepa line-up features 17 shows, from 6 to 8 October Highlights include shows by established groups, such as Fanfare Ciocarlia, emerging international talents, like Hanba!, and bands making their debut performances in the country, including Gertrudis
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Joint Creativity: Leitmotif of the 19th Fira Mediterrània
The Manresa-based performing arts fair is scheduled to take place this year from 6 to 9 October, with more than 100 companies,38 world premières and 12 co-productions Fira unveils the unique project Cadàver Exquisit, a collaborative artwork by David Carabén, Mercè Sampietro, Cabo San Roque and Toni Mira
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Fira Mediterrània kicks off with the world premiere of a new project by Kep Junkera and the Argentine musician Chango Spasiuk
The Manresa fair reveals programme highlights, amongst which feature the outstanding female vocalists Rozalén and Mayte Martín. This year, Fira showcases unexpected artistic unions: Junkera and Spasiuk, Aspencat with an orchestra, Sanjosex and Carles Belda, Carles Dénia and Coetus, and Coses with Cobla Sant Jordi.
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The Economic Impact of Fira Mediterrània in Catalonia Tops 3 Million Euros
The Fundació Universitari de Bagès (FUB) conducted a study on the economic impact generated by visitors to last year's Fira Mediterrània in the area. The study reveals that the number of visitors and their spending has increased in comparison with the last study conducted in 2011, which analysed the results of Fira Mediterrània 2010.
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The image of Fira Mediterrània will be transformed into a mosaic made of flowers
The Italian street artist Agostino Iacurci has designed the poster for the 19th Fira Mediterrània Manresa. The prestigious muralist’s design is inspired by traditional and folkloric ribbon dancing, and is conceptually connected with other contemporary disciplines. During Fira, the Federació Catalana de Catifaires will transform the urban artist’s design into a mosaic made of flowers.
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Greater industry focus at Fira, marked this year by local citizen involvement
-       Professional activity at Fira Business Area increases with more industry professionals, more organisations, more speed date meetings and more people registered at the conference. -       The 18th Fira saw large crowd participation in the streets, 78% ticket bookings at venues and 20 fully-booked shows.
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Tradition and Modernity Brush Together in Fira Mediterrània, Spearheaded by the 'Pregons' Initiative
From 15 to 18 October Manresa will host more than 100 companies and around 300 activities. Thirty-five official premieres and new co-productions herald Fira's drive to discover new talent, exploring the connection between performing arts and traditional regional art. PREGONS is the new and unique project launched this year with Màrius Serra, Xavier Albertí and Carme Ruscalleda, who will each give a special performance at Fira.
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Fira Mediterrània participates in a Euro-regional project based on the common cultural areas of Occitania, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands
This year, Fira rolls out an extensive internationalisation plan that aims to support artistic and professional initiatives connected with Catalan culture. Partnership agreements are set up with Algeria, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, the Valencia region, the Balearic Islands, the Basque country, Aragon and Castille and León.
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Fira Mediterrània Connects the Culture of Fire with Illustration
The Terrassa-born artist Conrad Roset designs the poster for the 18th Fira  The Manresa-based event has chosen one of the most in demand artists currently on the scene
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