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Fira Mediterrània in October – bigger and better than ever before
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17th Fira Mediterrània committed to a renewed vision of popular culture, with a more international and ambitious music line-up than ever before
From 9 to 12 October, Manresa will host more than 300 artistic, professional and city-orientated activities The 17th Fira, which pays tribute to the memory of Peret, is committed to the popular culture of our times, ranging from video-games to traditional formats, urban art and circus, new types of performing arts, street theatre and festival tradition
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Fira Mediterrània Manresa-Catalonia forges new links with Algeria, Portugal and France
Fira Mediterrània participates in a joint project with Foundation Royaumont, and other festivals including those in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence In the Catalan Countries, Fira launches a partnership with TROVAM - the only music fair in Valencia Txarango will enter the Portuguese market for the first time through Fira Mediterrània
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Dulce Pontes, Massilia Sound System, Txarango and the Dervishes of Damascus - highlights of the 17th Fira Mediterrània line-up
Following the announcement of Peret as guest artist and the premiere of a new show by Comediants, Fira reveals some of its biggest artists The Portuguese diva Dulce Pontes debuts her new show Puertos de Abrigo in Catalonia Advance tickets can be purchased from today, 1 July, with a significant discount on the final ticket price
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Peret to be guest artist at the 17th Fira Mediterrània Manresa-Catalonia
The father of Catalan rumba heads a social and participatory project, culminating in the launch concert of the Manresa-based event Peret will kick off his initiative working with groups of over-65s and children from neighbourhoods in Manresa
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Toni Roixes, Manresa born artist, designs the image of the 17th Fira Mediterrània
With the new initiative, Fira Mediterrània shows commitment to artists who come from the region The image ties in with the open and pluralistic vision of popular culture
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Entry period now open for the fifth Circuit Estepa Mediterrània
Artistic projects can be entered until Sunday 25 May, by completing the online form below: Registration Form
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Fira Mediterrània of Manresa receives 320 artistic proposals more than last year
This record-breaking increase has resulted in a total of 940 artistic proposals being put forward, one of the highest number of submissions since Fira began.
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FIRA MEDITERRÀNIA of MANRESA is brought forward to the second weekend in October and will focus attention on socially-based popular culture and world music
MEETING OF THE FIRA MEDITERRÀNIA OF MANRESA BOARD The Board renews David Ibáñez at the helm of the next three Fira events
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@jorditowers wins the 3rd MobileArt 2.0 photography competition held at Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
A total of 270 photographs were entered for the competition
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Fira Mediterrània proves its value as an export platform by attracting more international delegates
Tickets were sold out for 15 paying show sessions 113 acts from across all arts disciplines were present at Fira, in more than 230 performances, 36 premieres and 10 joint productions with other fairs, festivals and agents. The figures confirm Fira Mediterrània’s strategic role as showcase and creative force in our country
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Manresa, Fira and Human Towers
The human towers performance at Fira was a great success again this year. Some great towers and a huge number of spectators
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Rome city council at the last conference day in the Business Area
Tomorrow Fira Mediterrània de Manresa will pass the halfway mark in its 16th edition, and it will be doing so with the last activity-filled day   in the Business Area, where the Speed Dating sessions with experts in the sector, and Network Meeting, brief, informal presentations of cultural products and professional services, among other activities, will be working flat out.
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The FiraPasseig most participatory
 The Professional Conference in the Business Area (La Llotja) explores SROI (Social Return on Investment) Kiko Veneno will be performing some of his classic pieces with an orchestra Friday night will see the concert by five bands on the Estrella Damm stage
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Fira Mediterrània de Manresa invites entries for the third MobileArt photography award 2.0
The competition is sponsored by the Bages flying school For the third year running, the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa foundation invites entries for the MobileArt photography award 2.0, which involves taking photographs with your mobile during the days of the Fira, from 7th to 10th November 2013. The photos must be shared on the social networks, to build a mosaic of different views of Fira Mediterrània de Manresa.
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Fira Mediterrània and Abacus collaborate in promoting their events
Under the agreement, Abacus is organising a workshop as part of the Fria programme and has selected material on this year’s theme of the crucible of cultures
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Fira Mediterrània offers discounts for Campus Universitari of Manresa card holders
Fira Mediterrània and Campus Universitari of Manresa have sealed an agreement by which Campus Card holders will get a 20% discount when they purchase tickets for paying shows at the forthcoming Fira event, due to be held from 7 to 10 November. For Fira, the Campus Card is a great form of publicity that reaches out to a major group of consumers in the city, and for students, it’s a fantastic incentive to come along to activities organised by Fira.
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Fira Mediterrània collaborates with Off de Calle in Zaragoza
Three Catalan groups are taking part
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The 16th Fira turns Manresa into a great crucible of Mediterranean culture
Great crucible, meeting place and forum for dialogue between Mediterranean cultures, are the essential themes running through the 16th Fira Mediterrània New sections and a climate of mutual understanding between sector stakeholders and events, both at home and abroad, have resulted in a crowd-pulling programme at this year’s Fira Mediterrània
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Humus Mediterrani, the new “Off”-Fira Mediterrània series, debuts with eight concerts rooted in tradition
HUMUS MEDITERRANI, Manresa’s new “Off”-FIRA MEDITERRÀNIA series sponsored by culinary and musical space D’ARREL, has scheduled eight concerts that include traditional music student bands to folk groups from Bages and others from across the Països Catalans (Catalan-speaking world). A fascinating and diverse proposal with a line-up rooted in tradition that ranges from up-and-coming musicians to established groups.
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The Fira Mediterrània in Manresa kicks off an international week in Estonia and France
With the support of the Culture programme of the Euroepan Union                PRESS RELEASE Six acts go to the 21st Viljandi Folk Music Festival and the 20th Estivada festival in Rodez  
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Kiko Veneno, Obrint Pas and Kepa Junkera to headline at Fira Mediterrània 2013
The event in Manresa joins the Platea Jove scheme with local theatres for the first time The fair will be offering combined tickets for three of the shows at the Kursaal which form part of the Mediterrània programme  
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French company Karnavires, that performed at last Fira Mediterrania Manresa will be in Marseille and Quimper
French company Karnavires, that performed at last Fira Mediterrania Manresa-Catalonia with ‘Image par image’, will be in Marseille –European Capital of Culture- on July 8th, and at Festival Cornouaille in Quimper from 26th to 28th July.
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Ten years of the ‘Off de Calle’ competition in Zaragoza
Fira Mediterrània is joined by a second Catalan partner, FiraTàrrega
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