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PRO Facilitator

The ÀreaPRO is home to the PRO Facilitator, an initiative of COFAE (Coordinator of Performing Arts Fairs of the Spanish State), with the support of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music of the Ministry of Culture, which aims to explain and give guidance on the running of the Fira and its programme.

Eulàlia Subirana is the Fira Mentor this year. This role consists in providing customised assessment to delegates who visit Fira Meditèrrania concerning: artistic trails, professional activities, and questions about Fira Mediterrània and Manresa. She will be based in the Fira Business Area. Subirana has been collaborating with Fira Mediterrània since 2014. A historian and cultural agent, she has worked with a host of cultural institutions and participated in many projects in relation to production, communication and consulting.