Call for artists

Participation rules for artists

Presentation deadline: Thursday 18 January 2024 at 12.00 a.m.


Fira Mediterrània Manresa is the strategic fair for artistic proposals which use root sources, tradition and popular culture as the drivers of creativity.

Fira Mediterrània works with what we call the 360 degrees of the root, starting with the first level, the intangible heritage, continuing through the associations of popular and traditional culture, which start with that heritage and work to connect it with society, and ending with the professional sector, the artists whose creations are based on that tradition. At the Fira, we attach particular importance to the interchange, interrelation and intersection of all of those.

It is a multidisciplinary Fira, where we propose three great itineraries

  • Music: featuring the world music and folk music scenes, where the latest works from the Catalan roots scene are highlights.
  • Dance: with a dynamic perspective on traditional roots and folk culture.
  • Memory, legacy and oral storytelling: with performance and outdoor arts offerings, particularly theatre and circus, which draw on folk culture.

This approach is materialised in the programming, which incorporates proposals in which the traditional roots are the creative force, roots with multi-faceted outlooks, and which speak to us in the present tense.

Fira Mediterrània structures a share of its programming based on three key elements:

  • Perspectives: proposals from artists who do not usually work with roots and are offering their specific perspective on popular and traditional culture.
  • Young people: proposals from emerging artists who have already focused their creative output based on traditional roots.
  • The present: proposals that emphasis a creative root that does not exist externally to the reality around us and that, through the language of roots and popular and traditional culture, can speak to us and reflect on what is transpiring in society today.

Valuation criteria

  • Artistic quality and interest.
  • Proposals must fit with the Fira programme themes.
  • Completely new productions, never staged before either in Catalonia or in Spain.
  • Potential success of the proposal.
  • Professional approach and interest shown in Fira as a place for market, meetings, dialogue and exchange.
  • Performances for more than one session reaching a larger professional audience.

Proposal submission period

The deadline for submitting proposals is 18 January 2024, at 12.00 a.m.

There will be an ongoing assessment of proposals received from the start of the submission period.

Important: presenting a proposal implies acceptance of these rules.

Submitting your proposal

Artistic proposals can only be submitted online by completing the form at the end of this artistic participation regulation, once the rules for participation have been accepted.

Please send one form for each artistic proposal you want to submit. 

Once you have submitted the proposal, you will receive a confirmation email containing the name of the artist and the submitted show. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PROPOSAL WILL NOT HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED.

For any further queries, please contact

Financial conditions

Fira, as a performing arts fair attended by sector professionals (1,159 registered delegates), will agree a financial contribution with companies and groups.

Accommodation and meals

For accommodation and meals purposes, Fira will count as members of a company or a group the number of artists/technicians listed plus a maximum of one person in the role of agent or manager.

According to the system established by the organisers, Fira will provide accommodation for companies and groups depending on the days and times of their performances. Accommodation will be in Manresa or in nearby towns, subject to availability. Rooms will be allocated on a shared basis. If a single room is requested, the supplement will be payable by the artist, provided that such rooms are available. Accommodation will be provided only in the following cases:

  • Companies/groups performing on consecutive days.
  • Companies/groups that reside outside Catalonia

According to the system established by the organisers, Fira will provide meals (lunch and/or dinner) for companies/groups depending on the days and times of their performances. Meals will be provided only in the following cases:

  • Companies/groups performing on consecutive days.
  • Companies/groups with two shows per day (morning and afternoon).
  • Companies/groups that reside outside Catalonia

Important: the contract for accommodation and meals between Fira and the artist cannot be changed, and changes will not be accepted.

Contract and invoicing

Participation is subject to signing the contract formulated by Fira Mediterrània Foundation and issuing the corresponding electronic invoice.

Access to invitations and to the Business Area

Companies or groups selected will be given the status of registered professional delegates and as such will be given two personalised passes with access to all scheduled shows when they reserve tickets for these shows in advance.

For their own performance (if it is a paid-ticket performance), each company or group will be allocated ten invitations per session, except performances with limited seating (up to 100 spectators). For these performances, invitation numbers will be negotiated on an individual basis.

They will also have access to the Business Area, the meeting, exchange and networking area attended by professionals registered at the event.


Information about the performance will be produced by Fira using material provided by the artists and will be published via the following mechanisms:

  • Fira programme
  • Website
  • Virtual Marketplace
  • 2.0 tools
  • Attendance at other international fairs of the sector
  • Press releases

Technical requirements

Fira Mediterrània will provide the performing companies/groups with the required performance specification, on the basis of the available budget and materials.

Image copyright

If Fira takes photographs and/or makes audio-visual recordings of performances, the artist authorises Fira to use these images for advertising purposes.


Companies or groups selected will receive official confirmation of their participation before 28 June 2024 by email.


Please address any queries by email to:

Material to be attached

Please attach the following material with your online application form:

  • Artistic portfolio: description of the performance and CV. (Max. 2MB)
  • Artistic info: people involved in the artistic project and tasks they perform. (Max. 2MB)
  • Technical specifications: technical features, staff requirements and size of vehicle needed for transporting sets and equipment. (Max. 2MB)
  • At least one photograph of the company or group (in .tif or .jpg format measuring 10x15cm and with a resolution of 300 dpi). (Max. 4MB)
  • Video links (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.).
  • Audio links (Spotify, SoundCloud, myspace, bandcamp, DEEZER and others). 

Link to present artistic proposal