Professional activity
Andrea Jiménez
Friday, 06 October 2023
12.25 h
L'Anònima. Pati
Duration10 min
Main performance image

Andrea Jiménez begins the process of creating Sibil-a. The principal motivation for this solo dance is the need to create, on stage, the rôle of a transmitting interpreter who removes the label of ‘dancer’ or ‘ballerina’ since she is a holistic performer who is fused into three parts: gesture (body), sound (mind) and outline (spirit); and who tells of the figure of the ‘percussionist woman’ throughout history.

Artistic direction and interpretation

Andrea Jiménez

Stage design, lighting and costumes

Sergi Cerdán


Raúl Cantizano

Assistance and accompaniment in oral transmission

Ariana Barrabés

External view

Daniel Rosado


Lola Rodríguez - La Mercería Cultural

Project with support from 

PLAN TO PROMOTE ROOTS DANCE, La Tacones Sant Cugat, La Unió Sant Cugantenca and Festival Dansa

Access with professional accreditation