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World Music Charts Europe
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Saturday, 07 October 2023
11.30 h
Centre Cultural El Casino. Espai 7
Duration60 min
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"World Music Charts Europe" is an organization created in May 1991, stemming from the annual congress of the European Broadcasting Union's (EBU) "World Music Workshop." It enjoys solid international recognition. The current secretary of WMCE is Milan Tesar, representing Radio Proglas in Brno, Czech Republic. The organization includes the best specialists in "World Music" from various public and independent non-profit European radio stations and broadcasting organizations. There are currently 44 active and carefully selected members from 25 different countries. From the Spanish State, the following members are listed (in order of entry): Albert Reguant (Les Rutes del So - Ona de Sants-Montjuïc de Barcelona, Catalonia), Oscar Losada (Raizame – Radio Galega), Paco Valiente (Los Sonidos del Planeta Azul – UP Valencia Ràdio), and Sonia Frias (Entrelares – Radio Circulo de Madrid).

Every month, all members individually select their 10 favorite CDs and send them to the headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic. All nominated CDs are processed in a database, and then the twenty best selections are published on the organization's website ( This website has become an essential reference point for fans and professionals interested in this diverse range of musical styles, which they can explore in this global / world music domain, encompassing both traditional and contemporary folk music.

Milan Tesar
Music director of Radio Proglas (Czech Republic) and secretary of the World Music Charts Europe. Milan has been working as a radio music journalist since 1995. He has recorded thousand of interviews with artists and bands and prepared a lot of radio shows about folk, jazz, world, blues and alternative music. He´s been writing reviews and other articles about music for several printed and web magazines, prepares regullarly radio shows for the Czech public radio and cooperates with Czech television. He´s a program director of the Marathon of Music festival in Brno and has his stage in another festival in Czech republic (Slunovrat Opava). He is a professional consultant and the chairman of  the grant awarding comitte at the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and member of grant awarding comittees oif municipalities of Brno and Prague. Member of several national and international music juries.

Albert Reguant
Journalist and music activist with more of 40 years of experience in the world of music, especially beyond of our borders. He is a permanent ambassador at congresses International such as Womex (Europe) or Folk Alliance (USA), among others. During these last years he created and directed for Televisió de Catalunya the historic "Hidrogen" (1992 to 2002), more forward the series "Les Músiques del Món" (2004/5), and the program "Planeta Música" (2006/7). He directed the radio version of the "Hidrogen" on the different channels of Catalunya Ràdio (from 1999 until in July 2013). He currently directs the program "Les Rutes del So" on the independent radio, Ona de Sants from Barcelona/Catalunya.

Sonia Frias
She has been a music journalist since 2000 when she began to collaborate in press specialized in roots music, such as Batonga!, Ritmos del Mundo or Interfolk. That same year she began the journey of her program “Entrelares” dedicated to roots music. Since then it has been broadcast on Radio Círculo (, a cultural station belonging to the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid. “Entrelares” has become a national reference program to give visibility to traditional music, mainly Spanish, but also from other countries. It is also broadcast on the folk program platform called Radio Crónica Folk Musical (, and was broadcast during its short run on M21, the municipal station of the Madrid City Council.

Paco Valiente
His professional career for more tan two decades has focused exclusively on journalism, communication and the dissemination of popular music.directs and presents “Los Sonidos del Planeta Azul”, specialising in world music since 2001.Theprogramme is broadcast on UPV Ràdio. A music chronicler by vocation, conviction and profession, he does radio, writes and disseminates contemporary popular music in a broad, unprejudiced sense and with an open, diverse and cosmopolitan perspective. Since 2006 he has been content director and editor of the specialised portal He has collaborated in radio media such as Cadena Ser in A vivir, directed by Lourdes Lancho, in the 2017 and 2018 summer season, and has signed dozens of thematic sessions for the online radio station specialising in Afro-Latin music, Radio Gladys Palmera. 

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