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Xàldiga Taller de Festes

Trobada de Víbries

Sunday, 08 October 2023 12:00 / 19:00
VenueItinerant: De Pl. Major a Pl. Crist Rei
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On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Víbria de Manresa, the Manresa-based entity Xàldiga and the Agrupació de Bestiari Festiu have organised a gathering of vibries (wyverns) with the collaboration of vibries from Reus, Barcelona, El Vendrell and Castelló de la Plana. The morning will feature a parade without pyrotechnics, while in the evening there will be a parade with a pyrotechnic lighting display and a final group lighting.

Artistic sheet

Víbria de Botafocs (Castelló de la Plana), Víbria d'Igualada (Igualada), Víbria del Vendrell (El Vendrell), Víbria de Barcelona (Barcelona) and Víbria (Manresa).

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